Eric Schmidt

Eric Schmidt

Is it time to adjust to the technological nature of our society?

According to Google’s Chairman of the Board, spying is part of the nature of society. He’s right. That much isn’t in...
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3 min read
800 Lb Gorilla

Google is officially the 800-dollar gorilla

Forget the 800-lb gorilla. Google has billions of dollars more to worry about now that its shares have surpassed the $800...
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Eric Schmidt

Google chief Schmidt to sell 42% of shares valued at $2.5 billion

Google is trying to limit the damage done from the news that their former CEO and current Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt...
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Google’s attack on N. Korean concentration camp gets hit with user reviews

The human rights atrocities in North Korea are no laughing matter and Google is doing their part with a different sort...
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3 min read

Should Groupon founder Andrew Mason keep his job?

We’ve been very critical of Groupon and its founding CEO Andrew Mason. The enigmatic Silicon Valley guy has famously shunned Google’s...
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48 sec read
Larry Page

The Google Shakeup

When is the best time to change CEOs if you’re a major company? How about shortly after announcing fourth-quarter earnings of...
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Valleywag Scoop Outs Google Boss Schmidt’s Relationship Secrets

‘Don’t be evil’ may be the old Google mantra, but it looks as if that still leaves space for a string...
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