Digg traffic tanks after launch of Betaworks V1

Normally when a website relaunches after a drastic change, particularly after a buyout as Digg was purchased by Betaworks last month,...
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@Digg founder @KevinRose trolls Reddit, does an AMA, then goes to Alcatraz

It was either one of the weirdest things the Digg founder ever did or a brilliant troll move against the community...
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The new Digg is under construction

For those of us who have used Digg daily for the past 5 years, seeing the image above when visiting the...
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Should Betaworks reinvent Digg altogether?

Put aside that the site was sold for a tiny amount relative to where it was a couple of years ago....
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Is Digg a harbinger in social media?

Digg isn’t the first social media site to fall. MySpace collapsed under their own weight. Other social news sites like Propeller,...
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Digg sold for $500,000

Betaworks, a New York technology development firm that has had its eyes set on news distribution for some time, has purchased...
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Kevin Rose moved to Google Ventures

Kevin Rose has always been known as an “ideas guy”. His ventures haven’t always paid off as well as they could...
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Social news, networking combine to form a “game” with Thruzt

It looks like Pinterest. It acts like Digg. The newest player in the social media sphere adds some features from Stumbleupon...
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Slashdot may be for sale soon

One of the grandfathers of social news may be on the selling block as Geeknet announced today that they were evaluating...
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How Digg left its tech geek roots behind and embraced the mainstream

I was struck by something when I began reading Digg’s list of its “Ten stories you’ll be sorry you missed this...
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Digg on Bloomberg

Digg CEO Matt Williams Discusses the Future After Newsrooms Launch

When they launched Digg Newsrooms Beta yesterday, much of the buzz within the community was both positive and hopeful. There was...
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Question Mark

The Big Questions 7 Social Media Sites Must Answer in 2011

To say social media will be bigger in 2011 is like saying a 5-year-old will be bigger when she’s 6-years-old. It...
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Digg Bury Button

Digg Unburies the Bury Button

Digg rolled out several minor changes and one major change this morning. The bury button, removed when they rolled out V4...
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LtGenPanda Digg 1

Did Digg Really Spam Itself? Really?

Stranger things have happened in the social media world. Well, maybe not. Digg, stuck in on the losing side of an...
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7 Changes Digg Needs To Make To Stop Failing

Digg’s V4 redesign was more than a change in look and feel. It was a complete shift in the direction of...
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5 min read

Digg Front Page Spam: Deja Vu All Over Again

Spam me once, shame on you. Spam me twice and it’s time to get better moderators. For the second time in...
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Reddit Diggs Reddit.. Geddit?

The new Digg has had quite the time settling in. There was always a concern with Digg that stories could be...
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Screen shot 2010 08 25 at 6.34.16 PM

Three Things Digg Needs to Fix In v4 (And Three It Doesn’t)

Regular readers of Techi know that we love Digg and that, most of the time anyway, Digg loves us. So when...
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