ZURB acquires a design and development community to focus on detailed design feedback

The well-known company that provides helpful apps and tools for designers and web developers, ZURB has recently acquired Forrst, a community...
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1 min read

Twitter: another example of why you never build a service around someone else’s service

It was recently revealed that Twitter has over 500 million users. Now the fat birds of microblogging are planning to virtually...
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32 sec read

An iOS app designer’s guide to making developers hate them less

Since the dawn of graphic interfaces on computers, designers and developers have faced off over the proper ways to present data...
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24 sec read
Android Training

Android Developer Relations introduces training to help build better apps

The Android Developers blog announced that they are launching a beta of Android Training, “a collection of classes that we hope...
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33 sec read
HP Tablet

HP’s failure is Microsoft’s win as 1000 webOS developers migrate

The vultures are circling the failed webOS-powered hardware victims, particularly the developers who have been making their money around building apps...
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25 sec read
Pacquiao vs Cotto

Web designers vs web developers

The battle between web designers and web developers has been going on since the establishment of web designers and web developers....
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Apple tells Lodsys to lay off iOS developers, but its impacts are minimal

Lodsys is a company on a mission. They have been determined to sue iOS developers who are, in their eyes, illegally...
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2 min read
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Google Buys Israeli Widget Factory

We all know Google staff get to spend 10 percent of their time working on their own projects, and we know...
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Apple Opens Up For iPad App Developers

Apple is inviting developers hoping to offer apps for the iPad on the day it ships (April 3) to submit their...
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