Instagram rolled the dice. They didn’t cut a “bad deal”.

The presumptions of reporters are often baffling. Bloggers (myself included) are usually worse, but when everyone in the tech blogging world...
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Facebook Deals

Facebook ends Deals after 4 months

That didn’t take long. After testing the waters that Groupon and LivingSocial dominate, Facebook has pulled the plug on Deals. “We...
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49 sec read

Mighty Deals review

We have local deals — it’s a been there, done that thing — but what about a deals site that covers...
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Google Logo

No Groupon, No Problem: Google Hunts For Smaller Fish

Google might of lost the battle with Groupon, but the Search Giant clearly feels that they have not lost the war...
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google groupon deal

Has Google Already Purchased Groupon?

There is a lot of chitter chatter going on throughout the tech industry about a big potential acquisition of Groupon by...
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Apple Teases Black Friday Deals

November 26 is a hectic day of the year — it’s Black Friday. It’s a pretty big deal for many companies,...
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