Snow White

Illegally uploaded full-length movies pop up again on YouTube

It was a problem that had been solved for all intents and purposes years ago when YouTube put the power into...
Avatar of Lorie Wimble Lorie Wimble
56 sec read

Monkey see, monkey sue? Or, can a monkey hold a copyright?

Remember the amazing self-portrait of the monkey that was making the rounds the other week? The Cliff’s Notes background: A photographer,...
Avatar of Amy Vernon Amy Vernon
1 min read

Serves them right: Righthaven (aka MegaCopyrightTroll) loses own domain

When the tables turn, comedy often ensues. Such is the ironic case of, the “copyright troll” that attempts to seize...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
33 sec read
p2p napster

Doh! Anti-PSP Law Firm’s Website Is A Rip Off

Nobody likes the companies the RIAA and MPAA are using to chase Peer-To-Peer file sharers, but I was particularly tickled to...
Avatar of Toby Leftly Toby Leftly
35 sec read

“The DMCA Says WHAT? It’s Time to Fix That Nonsense.”

Woah. This is big. You know how the DMCA says it’s illegal to, say, crack the DRM on a DVD –...
Avatar of Navneet Alang Navneet Alang
1 min read

Spanish Government Officials Stealing Content On A Regular Basis

The Spanish government is quite unique as far as copyright laws are considered: it is completely legal to upload and download...
Avatar of James Mowery James Mowery
38 sec read