ep12 minute hacks wifi

How to boost your wifi connection with a beer can

Whether you’re working hard or hardly working, the Internet is needed for a lot of what you do—from researching for a...
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10 awesome photographs of abandoned automobiles

We love cars. Cars have made our lives simpler and easier to manage. We can go longer distances, run errands faster,...
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7 of the most unusual jobs that pay shockingly well

Have you ever wondered what is done to those who cannot pay for their airplanes? This may sound like a silly...
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ScoreBig attempts to revolutionize crowded market of selling online tickets

With a bevy of recognizable names in the online ticket marketplace, such as Stubhub, TicketsNow, and Ticketmaster, ScoreBig entered the fray in...
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origin gps 6 h25ju

GPS tech turns on a light for the blind

The visually impaired don’t get a lot of help when it comes to next-gen tech to help them better live autonomous...
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The designers at Loft117 and programmer Jason Belmonti have teamed up to tap the Kinect for something that has been suspiciously...
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Where ‘toy’ ends, and ‘badass’ begins

Add to your personal list of things that don’t need to exist (everyone keeps one of those, right?) this remote-controlled car,...
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Driving to a different tune with Soundtracks

Are you about ready to throw your car stereo in the trash? You’re about to be. Students Robbin Ingvarsson and Waldemar...
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You can get your LEGO on in the tub, too!

Okay, so the LEGO thing has been played out over the Internet for far too much, and I might have contributed,...
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The beautiful art of making an hourglass There is something beautiful about this video, directed by Philip Andelman. It is difficult to explain. Perhaps it is a...
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You’ve seen LEGOs before, but not like this I don’t know what it is about LEGOs, but they are awesome. But what is even more awesome is when...
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hp touchsmart

HP Gets Comfy With New Reclining Touchscreen

Once upon a time, Steve Jobs said that Apple didn’t want to get into touchscreen desktop computing because it was unnatural...
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Furniture of the Future: A Visibly Invisible Chair I’m not going to claim how this could possibly work, but a fellow by the name Ben Alun-Jones has created...
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Mindflex Duel 1 e1294673579363

Mattel Amps Up Its Psychic Toyline

In an age where the bulk of practicing geeks can remember a childhood full of He-Man action figures and other static...
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Laser-Guided Slingshot is High- and Low-Tech All At Once Maybe the Jenga Pistol I posted earlier today didn’t tickle your fancy. Maybe your fancy has nerve damage. Maybe you’re...
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The Cassette Walkman Still Lives – I Was Worried There For a Moment

Sony has announced that the cassette Walkman will be discontinued in Japan, having ended manufacturing in April. As we speak, the...
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Father and Son Send an iPhone Into Space

I am so frequently reminded of how I should totally have stuck with science a little more, if even to send...
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Robot Curtain Makes Privacy Cool Again Niklas Roy’s workshop has a large window right in front. After getting fed up of passersby peering in, he decided...
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