Facebook Open Compute Project

Facebook’s open compute project shifts its focus toward the network

From Android to Firefox to Twitter and everything in between, open source is all the rage in the tech world. Now,...
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1 min read

Are computers breaking our hearts?

“I have a lot of couples coming to me about issues that cause tension in their relationships — of course, finances...
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43 sec read

The next generation of heat sinks?

Arguably the most important and undervalued component of computer hardware is the fan. We often take it for granted until it...
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18 sec read
Ancient Computers

House of the Rising Sun, ancient computers version

The term “ancient” is relative and unfortunately I can remember using many of the machines in this video, but compared to...
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IBM Watson Jeopardy

Jeopardy!-winning computer Watson “hired” to offer medical advice to doctors

It proved that it could beat the best Jeopardy! champions in the world at their own game. Now, IBM’s Watson will...
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1 min read

Is the PC really dying?

When Mark Dean, CTO of IBM Middle East and Africa, declared this morning that we are in the “Post-PC Era”, a...
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1 min read

It Could’ve Been Worse: Intel’s Billion-dollar Blunder

You don’t make it to a billion-dollar blunder without making a few mistakes along the way, or so should be the...
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1 min read

IBM Develop World’s First Artificial Game Show Contestant – And He Cleans Up REAL Well Check this out. As you may or may not have already hit play, you may or may not already know...
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1 min read
old computer

9 Tech Inventions That Started it All – How Far We’ve Come

In this day and age, it’s often all too easy to complain about the problems plaguing social networking sites, overpriced computers,...
Avatar of Timothy James Duffy Timothy James Duffy
3 min read

7 Ways Technology Could Kill Us All, As Told By Hollywood

We have bestowed technology with the task of improving our lives, and as technology becomes more intertwined with our lives, it...
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4 min read
usbconcept thumb

Glowing USB Stick Changes Color According to Contents

A USB stick that shows you what’s on it, without having to actually plug it into your computer? Yes please! They...
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