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3 Companies Disrupting Online Tech in 2015

Innovating online is both a simple and difficult process. Many companies have grand visions for how they’re going to disrupt their...
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Evolution of the Mobile Phone Infographic

#Infographic: The evolution of the mobile phone

It’s hard to remember what the world was like when you had to use a land line at your house or...
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Legal Arena

3 of the hottest tech innovations being used for the public sector

The advent of global and communications technologies has been at the forefront of business and consumer industries for years, allowing us...
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2 min read
The Flash

Samsung makes breakthrough in 5G technology but doesn’t expect commercialization until 2020

The good news: Samsung has made a breakthrough that inches us closer to having 5G mobile broadband technology at our fingertips....
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Have you used the right technology in business communication?

Beatles used semaphore signals to promote Help!, their 5th British album. On original British cover, band members hand-gestured to spell out...
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VoIP vs. landlines: the showdown

Most advances in technology are synonymous with increased costs and unclear effects on liability exposure.  However, that is not necessarily the...
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T-Mobile Choices

Who will buy T-Mobile now?

The unraveling of the AT&T merger with T-Mobile was not entirely bad for the fourth largest mobile carrier in the US....
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3 min read

The Hierarchy of Internet Communication

While it’s clear that the internet has become one of our primary methods of communication with friends and family, it’s only...
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Broken DNA

The Cost of Fragmented Communication in the Enterprise

Your employees are the DNA of your business. When lines of communication are broken or fragmented, the value and efficiency of...
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geekytwit 1

Is Twitter Losing Its Geek Cred?

Oh Twitter, what have you become? You used to be a place of the proud few: the tech geek. But now...
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4 min read

7,000,000,000,000+ SMS Messages To Be Sent In 2011

As we all know, talking on the phone has sort of become a thing of the past. No longer do people...
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Why The Bad Guys Win In Social Media

If you were to go by Hollywood’s logic, it is not uncommon to see the bad boy getting the girls, the...
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4 min read

Sharpie Reinvents the Pencil, Possibly Through Forbidden Sorcery

Long ago, in the before-times, people did this thing. It was sort of like texting, but involved the manipulation of this...
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43 sec read

Has Talking On A Cell Phone Become A Taboo?

When was the last time you had a lengthy chat with someone on the phone? A few weeks? Months? Years, even?...
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2 min read

Facepalmingly Unsurprising News of the Day: Land Lines Are Dead

I actually talk about this often with friends: how it’s interesting that nobody seemed to notice when the shorthand ‘phone’ became...
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