Boehner Obama Shutdown

Technology makes this government shutdown more dangerous than 1995

Things are very different today than they’ve ever been in history. The way that people consume their media, the methods that...
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2 min read

Google’s attack on N. Korean concentration camp gets hit with user reviews

The human rights atrocities in North Korea are no laughing matter and Google is doing their part with a different sort...
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3 min read

Google’s latest green investment brings the total to over $1 billion

Everyone knows about Google’s search domination. Most are aware of their foray into social media and other internet-based engagements. Some know...
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44 sec read

Will Gangnam Style hit one billion views?

Social media is growing so quickly. It seems like yesterday that Ashton Kutcher was trying to get to 1 million Twitter...
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36 sec read

GM’s facebook ad brawl – sociability vs. visibility

So, after a couple of weeks, the truth has come out about GM’s sudden Facebook ad maneuver. Or at least some...
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1 min read

Life on Planet Facebook

Now that the company is public, the employees are rich, and the CEO is married, Facebook is ready for some serious...
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CNN Ecosphere

CNN’s #COP17 Ecosphere Project displays an amazing visualization, but to what end?

Stunning. Intuitive. Brilliant. Worthless? The first three words in the series can clearly be used to describe the CNN #COP17 Ecosphere...
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2 min read
CNN Tumblr

Where CNN Goes, Other Mainstream Media Sites Will Follow. Yesterday, it was Tumblr.

CNN may not be the first mainstream media outlet to create a blog on Tumblr, but their entrance there yesterday means...
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34 sec read