Chromebook Pixel Keyboard

The lack of a delete key makes the Chromebook a disappointment

For all of their technological genius and massive resources, Google sure doesn’t know how to make hardware. It’s a problem that...
Avatar of Connor Livingston Connor Livingston
1 min read

Apple created a waiting list for law enforcement requests to decrypt seized iPhones

It isn’t easy for anyone, even law enforcement agencies like the ATF, to break into an encrypted iPhone. They are often...
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57 sec read
Introducing Macintosh Lego

Introducing Macintosh. For the LEGO lovers among us.

In 1984, Apple changed the world. They introduced Macintosh computers with a commercial directed by Ridley Scott that is arguably the...
Avatar of Rocco Penn Rocco Penn
31 sec read
DishNetwork Hopper

Adding insult to injury for CBS and CNET: Hopper wins CES award anyway

The CES Best of Show award is a big deal, so this isn’t exactly a case of the Streisand Effect, but...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
1 min read

Everyone at CNET who has a spine should resign within a week

Censorship is arguably the most irreversible path a publication can travel. We are a semi-forgiving society that understands journalists will get...
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2 min read

By covering it up, CBS and CNET shine bright spotlight on Hopper

Do you remember who won CNET‘s “Best of CES” award last year? Probably not. What you likely will remember is who...
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1 min read

Facebook email debacle is just another example of why the company isn’t ready

They’re just not ready. They weren’t ready for their IPO.They’re not ready to get into the hardware business with a smartphone....
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37 sec read

NDCAC: The scariest thing the FBI has done since before 9/11

The words “National Domestic Communications Assistance Center” sound harmless enough. It could be a call center for a tech support company....
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2 min read

12 Websites That Stood The Test of Time

Millions of websites have had to go through hell and back to survive long enough to reach profitability, but there is...
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3 min read