GoPro Array

Homemade GoPro array mixes action sports with Matrix camera work

What happens when you combine 15 GoPro cameras, some talented extreme athletes, and a ton of ingenuity? You get The Matrix,...
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Argus Surveillance

ARGUS is DARPA’s ultimate 1.8-gigapixel eye in the sky

Imagine a camera, drone, and integrated video storage system that can shoot detailed images of a 15-square mile area that can...
Avatar of JD Rucker JD Rucker
53 sec read

The new old-fashioned digital camera

Bell Bottoms, miniskirts, record players, and dance moves have all been altered and transferred from one generation to the next, making...
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1 min read

iPhone photography and the world around

The Apple iPhone 4s is just not another pretty face with sleek design and glorious interface. The iPhone is designed with...
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1 min read

DIY Weather Balloon Camera Records Blackness Of Space Yeah, we landed on the moon forty years ago. Yes, Bruce Willis and his daredevil team of drillers placed a...
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VIDEO: Future iPod touch Has Camera, At Last Newly-leaked images and video show us the next-generation iPod touch will host a camera. Apple had originally been expected to...
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Every spys dream camera. So small you won’t even see it.

Introducing the next way to catch your friends in an awkward situation without them knowing. Minox, from Germany, has released a...
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Shake it Like a New and Improved Polaroid Picture

Remember old-school Polaroid cameras? They were big and clunky. After a picture was snapped, the film was greedily pulled from the...
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55 sec read
chobi mini digital camera 002

You know what they say. It’s not about the size of the camera, but the way you use it.

Gone are the days where we only dream about being James Bond. We watch those acclaimed series of movies and wonder...
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pod pad camera kit

Apple makes camera connection kit for iPad available for pre-order

People looking to pick up their iPads in a couple days just got some good news. Apple has made its camera...
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38 sec read

Revamped Eye-Fi SD Cards

Eye-Fi modified it’s range today to lower the cost of it’s 802.11n offering. At the low end, the Connect X2 features...
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