Teens Online

Bill giving kids a ‘clean slate’ option on the internet will do more harm than good

The internet is a dangerous place. It’s a jungle full of miscreants, thieves, and scoundrels. It’s natural to want to protect...
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2 min read
Eesha Khare

30-second cellphone recharge technology developed by high school student

There was a time when high school science projects involved baking soda volcanoes dropping egg-filled containers from helicopters. That may actually...
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Liquid Robotics Data Center

The data collecting robot in the seas from Liquid Robotics

Most people don’t bother to think about how automated our society is. So many basic utilities that are necessary for our...
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1 min read
Solar States

US states that are embracing solar energy the most

If cost weren’t an issue, would you rely on solar power? For most who don’t live in Seattle, the answer would...
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Genetically Modified Soybeans

In defense of Monsanto (no, not really)

For the sake of full disclosure, let me state up front that I supported California Proposition 37 which would have mandated...
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2 min read

Technologically advanced but politically ignorant America still way behind on GMO labeling

One of the things that Americans take pride in is the way that the country and its people are technologically advanced...
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