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1 Gig

The history of data storage costs

Over the last few decades, the way that data is stored has evolved faster than just about any form of technology....
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Too Many Gadgets

Are we carrying too many devices?

It’s a gadget-overload world. Society and advancing technologies are making us more gadget heavy than ever, by far. It’s not even...
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Bring Your Own Device

Is BYOD the unstoppable flaw in small business tech?

The rise of gadgets easily available to the workforce combined with the growing trend towards mobile offices (unless you work at...
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Chuck Norris

Why American internet is lagging

The Internet serves as a hub of the world, providing entertainment, connection, and goods and services. By 2015, online retail is...
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705 Electronic Data Processing Machine

The 705 Electronic Data Processing Machine from 1954 was surprisingly fast

Today, we operate in a computer world where speed is graded by megabytes and gigabytes per second in data transfer alone....
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Should car dealers focus on technical expertise instead of price and gimmicks?

Next to computers, tablets, and smartphones, our cars are often the most technologically-challenging item that we deal with on a daily...
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Did Monster leak LinkedIn buyout rumors to spark interest?

Leaks often hit the press in an effort to change the reality of the news. They can be an effective way...
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