Microsoft kills a good trend of self-deprecating ads with “Child of the 90s” video

Microsoft had a good thing going. They created a pair of videos aimed at diffusing some of the hate towards their...
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Google Chrome now accounts for over one-third of the worldwide browser market

Mobile may be the talk of the web-browsing world, but computers still dominate. For now. As full-scale web browsers go, Chrome...
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In South America, Chrome rules

The most dominant we browser within a continent is Google Chrome in South America. It isn’t even close. With nearly half...
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Browser Wars

Browser Wars

Apple vs PC. Facebook vs Google+. Digg vs Reddit. There are always going to be wars that happen as competition over...
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Flock Logo

What the Flock? Their Technological Distinctiveness Will Be Added to Zynga.

If you haven’t used Flock, one of the original “social browsers,” then… Actually, that was the problem. So few HAD used...
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Browser Celebrities

If Web Browsers Were Celebrities

What people use as their favorite browser is often a tell-tail sign about their personality and understanding of the Internet. Most...
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Opera 11

Firefox Was Yesterday and Chrome is Now. Is Opera Tomorrow?

Internet Explorer is a distant memory for anyone who knows what the word “browser” means. Firefox is hanging on by a...
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FireFox by the Numbers, Less Secure Than IE?

The folks over at Six Revisions have posted some very interesting materials that reveal the greatness that is Firefox. The numbers...
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