MyIDKey busts $150k on Kickstarter in 2 days

“Together we can solve this password problem now.” That’s the final line of the video that the team at myIDkey put...
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iWatch Patent

Is this the iWatch patent?

AppleInsider has uncovered a patent filing that points to a flexible touchscreen watch design. If you don’t think this is the...
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2013 Honda Accord Siri

2013 Honda Accord to add Siri to list of distractions

Remember the days when drivers did nothing but drive. Sure, they could talk, maybe listen to the radio, have a Big...
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80s boomboxes return with elegant, portable design

Those of us old enough to remember the somewhat-cool-but-mostly-annoying boomboxes that were carries on streets, across playgrounds, and on public transportation...
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Latest technologies and concepts in mobile communications

The fourth generation of mobile communications, to nobody’s surprise, offers extremely high downlink rates and in the case of Long Term...
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A Bluetooth Timepiece to Absolutely Baffle the Crap Out of You

Hey, wanna look like a time traveller? That’s a stupid question, yes you do. This here thing what you’re looking at...
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Mouse App for iPad: Because Multi-Touch is SO Yesterday

Anyone who’s familiar with my posts by now is probably aware I’m not a fan of the iPad. Now, let’s not...
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Low Power, Long Range Bluetooth 4.0 Is Here

Soon you too could be sending or receiving unsolicited messages via Bluetooth from up to 65-metres (200-feet) or more away, as...
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Bluetooth Landline Phone Adapter

Bluetooth Adapter For Your Landline

If the idea of actually having to hold a phone to your ear fills you with dread, then this gadget might...
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Sikker, Paradoxically, Is All About Keeping Your Baby Healthy

When you think baby monitors, you think clunky, crackling technology from the 80s, right? Well, in this new concept Sikker, there...
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