Nightwing Prodigal Son

#Video: Fan-made Nightwing trailer poses an interesting Batman sequel idea

In The Dark Knight Rises and throughout the trilogy, we never hear of Dick Grayson, AKA Robin. Sure, Blake is insinuated...
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Christian Bale as Batman

How Christian Bale won the role of Batman

There have been many complaints about Christian Bale’s use of “gruffy Batman voice” throughout the most recent Batman trilogy, but that’s...
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37 sec read

The cost of being Batman, 1939 vs 2013

Wouldn’t it be great to be Batman? Rich playboy by day. Gadget-toting crime-fighter by night. It’s the type of lifestyle that...
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Bradley Cooper

Casting call for Batman: top 5 candidates for the new film

Comic Con has been making headlines the past few weeks. At Comic Con, producers are known for releasing film, TV, and...
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Monster Hulk

To help with the cost of saving the world, superheroes should take on sponsors

Let’s face it. Not every superhero can live the life of Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark. Some might even contend that...
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Is Christopher Nolan the most appealing part about Man of Steel?

The question has a pretty obvious answer. People would have been excited if Danny DeVito was the producer. Still, the funny...
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Add the Batman symbol to your brake lights

Okay… so it totally sucks that you do not have a Batmobile right? Nor do you have a right-hand man like...
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Where can we get a hold of the Batmobile documentary?

It’s a shame that I didn’t see this until after Comicon was over. I might have attended had I known that...
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It’s a good thing Bruce Wayne is rich…

It would be impossible for anyone other than a really rich person to be Batman. Sure, anyone who has the physical...
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Dark Knight Rises trailer: “This isn’t a car”

There are two reasons to never watch trailers of movies that you already know you’re going to watch. You get to...
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The Dark Knight Rises

Nerdgasm: The Dark Knight Rises trailer

It’s hard to make us speechless. We are often overly-verbose rather than sitting dumbfounded by anything, particularly as unimportant as a...
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Batman Arkham City Riddler

Batman: Arkham City hype machine gets psychedelic with Riddler trailer

Few games have been as anticipated in recent months as Batman: Arkham City. The unique adventure game uses an appealing combat...
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How to Pop Popcorn… With Lasers!

In case you had no idea what you were going to do this weekend, here’s a suggestion: popcorn. With lasers. But...
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kidswalkerrobot1 thumb 550xauto 48668

No Pirates, Princesses, or Pokémon, Please

What’s your kid wearing for Halloween? He’s not going as Batman, is he? I see, like, a trillion child Batmans running...
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Batman Utility Belt Stows Your iPhone Like A Pro

Can’t decide what to wear for Halloween this year? Yeah, me neither, and if you’re anything like me, it’s probably because...
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Pimped-Out Batbus Disregards Common Sense and is Completely Badass Anyway

Students at UT Delft in the Netherlands have done something completely inexplicable. They have built a bus. And what a bus...
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