Volkswagen Driverless Car

The current (and future) status of driverless cars

We’ve seen them in movies for half a century. The concept cars have been popping up for decades. Some of you...
Avatar of Michio Hasai Michio Hasai
34 sec read
Hyundai Flying Car

Hyundai kinda sorta makes a flying car

I just recently blogged about the top car technologies we will most likely see in the future of cars. One of...
Avatar of Timothy Levin Timothy Levin
1 min read
MINI Blackflip

In case you ever need a car that can do a backflip, MINI has one for you

The lengths to which automobile manufacturers will go to demonstrate that their vehicles are more technologically advanced in some way are...
Avatar of Sal McCloskey Sal McCloskey
46 sec read

Did the Audi bike concept designer realize he used the Mercedes logo for the wheels?

Last year, Audi started showing off its e-bike concept, a high-tech 50 MPH electric bike with carbon fiber and built in...
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27 sec read

10 awesome photographs of abandoned automobiles

We love cars. Cars have made our lives simpler and easier to manage. We can go longer distances, run errands faster,...
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Nissan Esflow Concept image

Nissan Reveals All-Electric ESFLOW Sports Car Concept

Nissan generated plenty of buzz from the launch of the all-electric Leaf, the world’s first mass-marketed family sedan EV. But at...
Avatar of David Lux David Lux
1 min read
Allianz 4000 hybrid sweeper image

Hybrid Technology Goes Into The Gutter

Hybrid vehicle sales account for less than 3 percent of auto sales overall. Despite this surprisingly low figure in the midst...
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1 min read