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Audi luxury throughout the years

Since its inception in 1899 under the name A. Horch & Cie, Audi has dedicated themselves to producing vehicles that set...
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The legend of the Porsche 911

The legendary Porsche 911 is rich with history and beloved by passionate automotive enthusiasts throughout the world. The 911, the eventual...
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Self-driving cars rule the future

The cars of today are costly in more ways than one. In 2010, there were 35,000 deaths due to car crashes...
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The brands of cars Americans drive and their ownership habits

Did you know that Sedans are the most popular type of vehicle and that hatchbacks are the least purchased by customers?...
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Actor Leonardo DiCaprio to get first Fisker plug-in car

After numerous delays, the 2012 Fisker Karma plug-in electric performance car will finally be heading to showrooms by the end of...
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AAA to provide emergency EV charging for stranded drivers

Electric vehicles are finding buyers, even while range anxiety persists. But those that worry about their vehicle suddenly running out of...
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Mercedes-Benz Puts Fuel Cell Tech to the Test

Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to show off the true potential of hydrogen fuel cell technology. The German automaker’s B-Class F-Cell will...
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Ice Trucking Just Got A Little Less SMART As the proud owner of a Smart car, I simply had to post this. Mercedes gave Wired a couple of...
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Ford Gets Common Sense, Saves Tons of Money

Remember when your parents always reminded you to turn off the lights when you were not using them? Seems logical enough,...
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