Photoshop Adobe Creative Days

Who knew live Photoshopping people at a bus stop could be this much fun? #creativedays

To promote their Creative Days month-long event across Europe, Adobe is coming up with some creative ways to use their software...
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Adobe adds subscription-based service

Adobe Systems is well known for its graphic design, video editing, and web development applications. Whether developed or acquired, all the...
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Adobe Photoshop

Artistic nostalgia: Adobe allows release of source code for original Photoshop

“Download Photoshop legally for free…” Those are the words that geeks have been wanting to hear for over two decades. The...
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Exploring Apple’s Final Cut Pro X

Recently, Apple announced and showcased their new vision for 64-bit non-linear editors (NLEs). They called it Final Cut Pro X (FCPX)....
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2 min read

Adobe sends Creative Suite to the cloud

Adobe is gearing up to release Creative Cloud, their online edition of the Creative Suite. The San Jose-based company claims it...
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ipad ibooks

Google Just Helped Change The Media World for the Better

While the ebook market sometimes seems like the least sexy segment of the digital world, it’s still a huge deal. After...
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Adobe Releases 64bit Flash Player For Mac, Windows And Linux

Hot on the heels of not releasing a successful mobile version of Flash, Adobe is turning it’s attention back to Flash...
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Picture 12

Apple-Adobe Feud Heats Up With Blatant Disregard for Photoshop

It would appear that the rift between Apple and Adobe has become so great, that Apple’s ad artists are losing Touch...
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A World Without Photoshop? Nooooo! Most people have occasionally stopped to wonder what life was like before computers, but if you use Photoshop, you understand...
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Adobe Fixes Photoshop Express For iPad

Adobe clearly isn’t out to win any brownie points with Apple or it’s users. Photoshop Express for iPad was finally released...
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adobe dreamweaver cs5

Adobe Adds HTML5 To Dreamweaver As An Afterthought

If you’re a web designer, web user or a human being who’s touched a computer in the last year, you probably...
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img 1021 adobe lightroom

Adobe Attempts Lightroom and other Apps for the iPad Despite Concerns

A new effort has Adobe attempting to bring imaging software, such as Lightroom, to the iPad and other tablet computers despite...
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Adobe Loves Apple… erm, maybe not

The ongoing feud between Apple and Adobe has received a new twist today as Adobe’s founders have posted an open letter,...
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Was Apple right to dump Flash on iPhone? Fresh in from the historical inevitability department comes news of a failed Adobe Flash demo — and an all-new video...
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Adobe And Google = Apple.. Kinda Adobe and Google, sitting in a tree.. Since Apple’s CEO publicly and thoughtfully destroyed Flash’s chances of ever making it...
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adobe logo

Please Adobe: Three Hopes For The Future

I’ve been using Adobe software for nearly as long as I’ve been using Apple computers, so I fancy myself as ideally...
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CS5 is almost here. You better take the advice from this guy and get in line now. After watching this video, I’m a little scared. It’s like a quick glimpse into the future as I can see...
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alan kay

Alan Kay Notebook Guru Takes Scratch To Apple

He may have predicted that Apple’s iPad would ‘rule the world’, but the man who invented the notebook concept isn’t happy...
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