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YouTube founders relaunch Delicious

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Delicious image

Delicious image

The founders of YouTube have begun to breathe new life into social-bookmarking site Delicious. Delicious was just relaunched, combining new features and a new look with classic functionality.

YouTube founders Chad Hurley and Steven Chen purchased Delicious from Yahoo in April with the goal of bringing the site to a broader audience. Although the relaunched service is very similar to the previous site, a few new features have been added to help users bookmark, find, and share content from around the Web.

The new service is just as easy to use as before, and largely functions in the exact same way. However, the site’s owners are promoting Stacks, a new feature that’s described as “playlists for the Web.” Stacks allow users to group various types of content that concern a specific topic. A Stack can then be shared shared with other Delicious users who can then follow it to see any subsequent updates.

“Our goal with stacks is to add more value to all the links being collected by the Delicious community,” the Delicious team wrote. “Each new stack presents an opportunity to introduce the rest of the world to cool Web content they haven’t seen before.”

Aside from Stacks, the new site gives users simpler navigation, the ability to upload profile pics, and makes multiple-word tagging possible. Additionally, bookmarks are now called links, although they mean the same thing.

The new site is by no means a radical departure from the previous site, but the Delicious team says the redesign represents the first step on a long path to solving the content discovery problem. Take a closer look at the new site below.


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David Lux David is a blogger, marketer, and spends copious hours devouring content concerning autos, tech, and then more autos. You can follow him on Twitter: @autocontent

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2 Replies to “YouTube founders relaunch Delicious”

  1. No radical departure? Try reading the absolutely pissed comments at twitter, facebook and all the blogs of actual users. They removed any functionality the site ever had, and added hipster pictures.

    For heaven’s sake, there’s no more tag bundling. No populars. Half the users can’t login and the other half have lost links and tags. It’s a disaster.

    And obviously by simpler navigation they meant HAHAHA YOU ARE LOST FOREVER GOOD LUCK.

  2. yeah… lost my account… all my links… the use of my browser plugin…. the ability to import bookmarks from my browser… basically delicious is now a useless brick. 

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