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Uber now lets family member track each other’s rides

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Due to popular demand, Uber launched a new feature called Family Profiles back in March, which are joint profiles that allow multiple users to bill their rides to the same payment card. With these profiles, family members and close friends can pay for each other’s rides when necessary, and Uber has since expanded on this feature with a sub-feature called Trip Tracker, which helps give the person who organized the Family Profile peace of mind while a family member is out and about. As the name implies, Trip Tracker allows the profile organizer to track the other members of the profile to ensure they were picked up and dropped off safely. 

Uber today announced a new tool that will allow family members and other loved ones to track each others’ trips using its service. Called simply “Trip Tracker,” the addition is a feature connected to Uber’s Family Profiles, a program Uber announced in March which allows customers to pay for rides for their family and friends. With Family Profiles, users can add other Uber riders to a group and can then bill all the group members’ trips to the same payment card. Technically speaking, you can add anyone you choose to a Family Profile. However, as its name implies, it’s really meant to be used among those who are a part of a small, trusted group. For example, a parent may pay for rides for their kid in college. They could offer rides to another member of an extended family who was financially struggling, or to one who was unable to get around on their own, like an aging parent. With Trip Tracker, those in charge of their Family Profile will now receive details about the trip being taken. With the launch of this feature, whenever someone takes a ride under your Family Profile, you’ll be provided with automatic notifications and you’ll be able to watch the trip in progress on the map. You’ll be able to see when the family member left, the route they took, and when they arrived, Uber explains.

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