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Twitter is working on a new analytics feature for individual tweets

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Analytics features are nothing more than an interesting way to tell how not popular we are for most of us but for some, such as social networking power users, they’re invaluable tools. Undoubtedly geared towards the latter, Twitter is testing out an interesting new analytics feature that presents information about individual tweets straight from your web timeline. 

It looks like Twitter is experimenting with a new analytics feature on the Web; some users can now see statistics for individual tweets on their timeline. I’m able to access the analytics by clicking on a small bar graph button to the right of the favorites button. My colleagues, on the other hand, do not see the feature at all. Once you click, you’ll be presented with information such as views, favorites and clickthroughs. While you can access per-tweet stats using Twitter’s analytics dashboard, this is the first time we’ve seen the feature become directly available on Web timelines. It makes it easier to view insights on your tweets at a glance, and the button’s prominence right next to your other commonly used functions could introduce analytics to users who otherwise wouldn’t use them or even know they existed.

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Carl Durrek Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food.

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