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This God Mode tweak is a must-have for Netflix users

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Netflix has become the center of entertainment for many households across the globe, especially in the United States. However, despite the many improvements that the service’s interface has received over the years, we still have to scroll through horizontal lists of recommended movies and shows to find interesting things to watch. Fortunately, there’s now a new tweak called “God Mode” that makes browsing Netflix from the web much easier. 

Netflix has changed the way we access entertainment. There’s really no two ways about it. Even if you’re not a Netflix subscriber, you likely use some web-based service to stream movies or TV shows from time to time, and Netflix is directly responsible for the rise of these services. As great as Netflix is though, nothing is perfect and there’s plenty of room for improvement. Now, a new Netflix Tweak called “God Mode” delivers some of that improvement in one key area. While the big screen is still the best way to enjoy Netflix content, plenty of people use the Netflix website on a computer to stream shows and movies. Like us, many of those people are likely annoyed but the single rows of content you have to scroll through endlessly to browse titles. A developer by the name of Renan Cakirerk has come to our rescue. Using his tweak called God Mode, the single rows of content are spread out so you can actually see what’s going on.

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Carl Durrek Carl is a gaming fanatic, forever stuck on Reddit and all-around lover of food.

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