StudyLite First “Safe For Eyes” Desk Lamp, Red Dot Design Award Winner

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BPL studylight

BPL studylight

The StudyLite rechargeable desk lamp is the world’s first certified “safe for eyes” study light for children.

Developed by one of India’s best product designers, Abhijit Bansod, the rechargeable lamp has no ultra-violet, infra-red or heat radiation. The lamp has a soothing light that gets rid of eye strain and can last up to six hours running on a fully charged battery.The lamp also comes in four different colours; red, white, black and yellow.

“When designing StudyLite, I was inspired by the ring of halo that hovers above the head of the wise and saintly,” said Bansod. “Such sages impart wisdom. Guide us onto the right path. And provide solace at moments of crisis. To me light is the quintessential metaphor of enlightenment. So, I intended to have a ring of light glowing above the head when a child is studying.”

The StudyLite has LED light bulbs that will last for 100,000 hours and also comes with a two-year warranty.

The makers of the StudyLite just didn’t want to create a lamp that was safe for eyes but also something that was unique and would catch someone’s eye, which led the StudyLite to receive the Red Dot Design Award in 2010.

Source: StudyLite, Core77

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