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Remote tablets: Revolutionizing your world

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Remote Tablet

The advent of the tablet has already changed our perspective on what can be accomplished with a personal computer. Within a short time frame, the tablet has become the “go-to” device for internet browsing, business communication, and media manipulation. As tablets become even more affordable and compatible, consumers will have the opportunity to evaluate how their needs match the tablet’s powerful performance.


Tablets in your home

One exciting way that tablets are rapidly changing our daily habits is a tablet’s ability to control other synced devices in our homes. One appeal of tablets is that they can seemingly be used from anywhere. Within your home environment, the tablet can streamline your entertainment experience through device convergence. You can now control a great deal of your video and stereo equipment with your tablet.


Entertainment options

With today’s technology, there is no point in having lots of specialized devices that can only perform one task when you can easily combine all of those tasks to be controlled by one device. Multi-device remote controls are not necessarily a new invention, but the comprehensive nature of controlling from your tablet allows you to choose what media you want to view or hear, and it allows you to access all of the devices that could play that media. A true home theater experience in which you can play your favorite movie, adjust video and audio performance, and research the history of that film, all without leaving your seat, is possible.

The remote tablet’s main benefit is that the buttons can be customized to suit your particular needs. A tablet screen can display a lot more information than previous applications, including your channel guide, show description, future showings, and reviews. Your programming, recording, and viewing capabilities are all linked to your tablet. The great advances in digital televisions, high-resolution connectivity, and mobile devices like tablets combine to create an awe-inspiring experience.

Complete home networking

In addition, the power of the tablet is not just confined to entertainment. With a properly networked system, you could seemingly control your thermostat settings, interior and exterior light settings, and home security from your tablet. A connected home that, a few years ago, would have been thought of as science fiction is now a reality. The technology continues to grow on a daily basis. Within a short period of time, it’s feasible that the standard house would have a central operating network controlled by your tablet that allows you to remotely command any device in your home and set up a maintenance schedule for those devices.



The momentum of tablet technology is astounding. While many of the features of the device are incredibly convenient, increasingly affordable, and user-friendly, there is room to improve in some areas. For instance, you must invest time in actually setting up and customizing your particular network within the tablet. In some situations, such as turning on a television, it might be quicker to simply click the “on” button of your TV remote, rather than access it via your tablet. However, you would have several more options available to you once the television was routed through your tablet.

With a tablet, you can’t feel the buttons like on a standard remote. People use remote controls, without looking at them, by feeling the buttons. A tablet would require visual attention. Lastly, as with tying anything to just one device, if a tablet was lost, then you would lose your remote control for all of the devices you tied into that tablet. The majority of these limitations relate to how much time you spend networking all your devices, and the possible inconvenience if you misplaced your one “control center.”

The tablet has quickly entered into our lives, and its possibilities are nearly endless in regards to home entertainment, home networking, and controlling your home’s systems from one device. Any limitations a tablet might currently have are greatly overshadowed by its sheer convenience, transportability, and sleek technology and design. And they’ll only get better from here.

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Roy Rayn Roy Rayn is the president of Ematic, a consumer electronics company that provides superior technology at a fraction of the cost.

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