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Kanye West doesn’t understand why people are pirating his new album

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Kanye West is in need of some serious cash to pay off his $53 million debt, and his newly released album, The Life of Pablo, is supposed to help him acquire that money, but he’s running into a problem that most artists are abundantly familiar with: online piracy. West’s decision to release the album exclusively through the controversial Tidal music-streaming service has led many people to just pirate the album online, which is exactly what British artists Lily Allen predicted would happen a few months ago. Rather than seeing the error of his ways and putting his album on other digital services, however, West is considering pursuing legal action against The Pirate Bay, but we all know how well that’s worked in the past.

A few days ago Kanye West released The Life of Pablo. The album subsequently ended up on various pirate sites where it was quickly downloaded by hundreds of thousands of fans. A lot of media attention has focused on The Pirate Bay, where it is still listed as the most popular music download, with thousands of people actively sharing the tracks. Meanwhile, the news also reached Kanye West himself, who is reportedly furious that he has potentially lost millions of dollars due to the leak. He sees The Pirate Bay as one of the main culprits and is now considering taking the notorious pirate site to court. “Kanye is going to meet with his legal team to discuss the possibilities of starting legal action against torrent site Pirate Bay,” a source informed HollywoodLife. “He’s going to talk to his lawyers and see where he stands, and hopefully Tidal will partner up with him in any legal proceedings because it was supposed to be an exclusive release.” The Pirate Bay is not new to being the target of legal action. The site’s original founders stood trial in Sweden and late 2014 a new investigation into the site was opened after a raid on a local datacenter. However, The Pirate Bay (TPB) is still around today and the current staff members are not impressed by Kanye West as a person, or worried about another legal battle. “Kanye West is a blithering twat who has an incredible sense of self-importance. Even diehard fans are saying his new album sucks balls, but as for Mr. West suing TPB, good luck Kanye!” TPB staff member Spud17 informs TorrentFreak. “Our legal department will be waiting,” he adds.

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