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Images of Apple’s first Lightning-based EarPods have been leaked

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While we don’t have an official confirmation, numerous reports over the last few months have claimed that Apple will be ditching the 3.5mm audio jack in favor of a Lightning port for the next iPhone. NowhereElse published the latest such report on Wednesday, which actually came with pictures of what’s alleged to be the iPhone EarPods that’ll come with the next iPhone. The alleged EarPods look exactly like the ones available today, except that they have a Lightning plug.

2016 will go down in iPhone history as the year Apple killed the standard 3.5mm audio jack, assuming iPhone 7 reports are accurate. Considering that most iPhone 7 reports and leaks originate from different reliable sources but all say that the headphone jack is going away for good, we’re certainly interested to see how Apple will fix this “problem” it’s creating. The iPhone maker has already received plenty of criticism for its rumored decision to kill the 3.5mm port, even though it’s not the only company to do it this year – Motorola did it before Apple, yet it didn’t see any backlash. The simplest way to fix this problem for Apple is to introduce new Lightning-based headphones. And a new set of images may have just revealed them. Discovered by NowhereElse, a steady source of new iPhone leaks, the images below feature what seem to be regular iPhone EarPods. What’s different is the plug. Instead of a 3.5mm connector we have a Lightning plug that’s similar to the one used to recharge the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. That said, there’s nothing to prove these are a genuine Apple creation. They might simply be knock offs made by a Chinese company.

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