Duh. The easiest way to stop hackers is with real passwords.

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One of the most personal online violations that can occur to anyone is getting hacked. It could be a personal attack such as a Facebook account, on which 600k successful hacks are achieved daily. It could be something more general such as a database hack that exposes personal information. It could be much, much worse.

With all of the security measures out there and counter-hacking attempts, many systems and accounts can be easily secured by having a strong password. There are plenty of hacks that can hit a system or an account that have nothing to do with front door password access, so there’s no reason to give hackers another easy point of entry by having a password that doesn’t take much time for a hacking script to break.

This infographic by OnlineCollegeCourses.com breaks down the stats behind hacking and reiterates the point that “password” is not a very good password.

Hacked Infographic

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Password” image via Wisegeek.


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  1. 463 years to crack an eight character password? Was this infographic created in 1998? Current systems and methods can do it in fifteen minutes. How many other blatant errors does this item present as fact?

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