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Ceramic fingerprint scanning material could outshine Apple’s sapphire screen

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Do you guys think features like a fingerprint scanner will make or break a decision to purchase a particular smartphone? Well if ever any Android OEM were to consider adding fingerprint sensors in their handsets in the future, perhaps Korea’s CrucialTec might be the company that they turn to for their biometric needs.

Last July the buzz was on for LG to successfully deliver an advanced fingerprint scanner ahead of Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5S. While the anticipation was high, they ultimately failed to deliver it at theirspecial event that was held in New York in August. A month later, Samsung failed to deliver the very same feature that their rumor mill had been hyping. They later weaseled out and blamed their problems on delivering that feature squarely on their one time partner Validity. Last month the rumors began again that LG would finally be bringing their fingerprint scanner to market at the Mobile World Congress trade show starting on February 24. But LG has stumbled once again as the specs for their new smartphone were made public today and a fingerprint scanner didn’t make the cut. As the pressure mounts for Android OEM’s to deliver this feature, Korea’s CrucialTec has just introduced a new solution that’s much closer to Apple’s Touch ID feature. Our report covers the basics of the CrucialTec’s announcement.

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Brian Molidor Brian Molidor is Editor at Social News Watch. Find him on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

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