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6 benefits of going digital with your music

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Digital Music

Digital Music

Life can quickly become encumbered by clutter. It seems like you turn your head and suddenly counter tops are piled with stacks of CDs and other dust attractors.

There is a good way to get rid of stack of CDs around the house: go digital. Here are a few of the best reasons for artists and fans to go digital.


No clutter & dust

Stacks of CDs left around the house are unattractive, outdated, and they attract dust. A decade ago it might have seemed cool to have an entire wall of CDs, and people might have been envious of you. However, today people see stacks of CDs and assume you’re too lazy to burn them onto your computer, or that you live on nostalgia.

Going digital with music makes dusty CD cases a thing of the past. You’ll never have to search through mounds of filmy CD covers again in the hopes of finding a specific CD or song.


Easy access to variety

Another great thing about digital music is that you can sort the music by artist, genre, song titles, and more. This gives listeners easy access to variety, without having to juggle CDs looking for different sounds. If you want to create a playlist that is as eclectic as a food court, then all you have to do is click and drag your favorite songs.

Artists and bands that need to compare a lot of their songs to one another quickly can do so on computers without causing a delay in their recording session. Digital music makes it easy for bands to experience a variety of their music and be on the lookout for duplicate sounds.


No expensive record labels

When the band has to go through an expensive record label to bring their music to you, it becomes more expensive for the end buyer. The artist loses money initially and with final sales, but the fan inevitably feels the largest price jolt. The answer is digital music. When artists choose to market their music online they don’t need those price-jabbing labels. They can sell songs on iTunes without gouging their fans, which means music is more affordable for you, the buyer.


Organization is simple

Forget all of those ugly CD covers. You never need to organize CDs physically again. When your music is digital it’s a snap to sort music by genre or year of release. You can create folders, sub folders, and categories as you like, without having to move from a chair.

Perhaps the best thing about digital music is the ‘search’ feature, which enables you to find any song or artist in a few quick keystrokes. Nothing can make you feel more organized than fast access to everything and anything musical that you own.


No need for ugly CD towers

Let’s face it, CD towers were never attractive. Even the best designs were flawed because they would attract dust and clutter. Today, those hideous CD towers are ending up where they always belonged: dropped off at Goodwill.

Along with CD towers, other items are falling by the way side because of digital music, such as CD repair kits and scratch repair glue. Digital music can never be damaged in the way that physical CDs were, which makes it a better investment for artists and fans.


Make a mixed tape in moments

You’re in love and you want the special person to know it, so you decide to make a mixed tape like a 1980s school boy. It seems like a great idea, unless your music is not digital. While you could make a mixed tape in seconds with digital music, recording one off of CDs would take hours and wouldn’t result in the same high quality. The one you love would end up thinking of you as a weirdo for sure.

Digital music is effortless for listeners. It keeps the clutter off of our counters, and the dust out of our houses. Not only is digital music easier to protect than physical CDs, but it’s also a better listening experience. There are so many pros to going digital that it’s a wonder anyone would choose physical copies over digital tracks.

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DJ Miller DJ is a graduate student at the University of Tampa. He's an avid gadget geek and spends most of his time reading or writing. He is also a huge sports fan and even writes for a fantasy sports advice site.

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