Geek Watch

If you completely understand this watch, you’re a geek

There are memes out there that make fun of people who pretend to be geeks because “geek is chic” in 2011....
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A Bluetooth Timepiece to Absolutely Baffle the Crap Out of You

Hey, wanna look like a time traveller? That’s a stupid question, yes you do. This here thing what you’re looking at...
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Thrifty Phone Watch Distracts People in a Whole New Way

The Thrifty Phone Watch – because we don’t already have enough gadgets that keep us distracted from important work and other...
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Ghetto Blaster Necklace Watch is Functional, Retro-tastic

The funny thing about tech geeks is that, while most of the time we’re all about the latest and greatest, we...
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Face-Meltingly Awesome Twitter Watch Renders Your Rolex Totally Unclassy

I’m a total freak for Twitter. It’s the greatest thing to happen to the internet in ages, and I wish I...
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Detroit Clock City

Detroit used to make cars, now they make auto-inspired watches. In a classic example of life imitating art imitating life, Equipe...
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