Computer Virus

Motives behind the computer virus

Blue screens, pop ups, flashing red windows, annoying virus alerts from anti-virus software, and an unresponsive pixelized screen. Viruses have done...
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Microsoft OS

How to easily protect your digital identity

Protecting your digital identity doesn’t take a degree in computer science. Follow these 5 easy steps to secure your personal information...
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Stuxnet: the new face of cyber warfare

Iran’s nuclear efforts have been more than a bit of a threat, and with that, US and Israel joined forces to...
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Dangerous Link

Links on Facebook to be screened for viruses

Phishers and hackers have found that social media is a great place to plant links to malicious websites as unsuspecting people...
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Solar Virus

MIT makes solar-cell technology go viral. Literally.

Researchers at MIT have genetically modified a virus that helps carbon nanotubes self-assemble along solar cells to improve efficiency of electron...
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No Hell Will Be Safe For You – Not Even Facebook

Honestly, it should come as no surprise that Facebook isn’t exactly a snuggly blanket of impenetrable security when it comes to...
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bird worm copy

Yesterday’s Twitter Worm Was All Just A Big Misunderstanding, Guys

Hey, remember yesterday’s Twitter worm? Wasn’t that fun? Oh, don’t get all frowny, it was a blast. Apparently, it was kicked...
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Screen shot 2010 05 26 at 9.03.14 AM

Computer Virus Jumps To Humans

Okay, that headline is probably a little more sensationalist than is absolutely necessary, but that’s the message a UK scientist is...
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USB protector2

You’re Safe! New USB device scans files for virus’ before landing on your drive.

Getting a virus on your computer can ruin your day, week and possibly make you spiral down like this guy. It’s...
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