Verizon Communications

‘The Internet Must Go’ – a mockumentary

A new “mockumentary” called The Internet Must Go launched today, in conjunction with the latest court hearing in the Verizon case...
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The beast is back: The FCC’s net neutrality case gets its day in court

Lawyers for Verizon and the FCC are stepping up Monday to argue over the future of network neutrality before the D.C....
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NSA Surveillance Van PRISM

The Joy of Tech takes an unpopular but sadly realistic take on the NSA Verizon controversy

With Verizon vans rolling down the road being called “NSA Surveillance Vehicles” and every tech and political blog on the internet...
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Verizon’s “Share Everything” plans make everything unlimited for up to 10 devices

Verizon has had its share of foibles over the last few months over how their customers interact with their cellular plans....
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