Virgin America Safety Video

#Video: Virgin America puts entertainment into airline safety

There’s nothing more boring than an airline safety video, right? “Put your own mask on before assisting others.” Not so fast....
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18 sec read

The 4 biggest tech innovations in cruise travel

We sometimes forget about how technology pervades everything we do. We are much more keen to the differences in technology, say...
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1 min read

8 must-have tools for traveling freelancers

When you get started in the freelance world, it’s not always as easy as it looks. You need a lot of...
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2 min read

Hipmunk Vs. Kayak: which company helps customers the most

When it comes to getting a great deal on travel, there are numerous online sites to choose from. Two of the...
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2 min read
Driverless Car

A case for embracing driverless cars

The concept of a car that drives itself without our input is a scary prospect to some. Anyone who has been...
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If you can’t beat ’em… Priceline buys KAYAK

In a deal that totals $1.8 billion in cash and stocks, Priceline has agreed to buy fellow comparison site KAYAK. This...
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27 sec read

4 free helpful apps for getting around London during the Olympics

If you are in London enjoying the Olympics and having the time of your life, you still need to remain organized...
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Folding Car

Folding car could make intra-city travel easier, cleaner

As populations grow and continue to migrate into cities, transportation has become an issue within congested cities. Less than half of...
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American Airlines

American Airlines to stream video to personal devices

Just over a month ago, American Airlines said it was installing Wi-Fi to its entire domestic fleet. Now, they’re going to...
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Here’s Why the Human Race is Doomed I sense a theme coming on: people create robots, robots destroy robots, and robots destroy humans? Well I’m a believer...
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Star Trek’s Universal Translator is Rendered Real Through Google Goggles

Straight outta the Enterprise‘s engineering lab comes the newly-launched Google Goggles for mobile platforms, which can translate text from photographs in...
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rotel ed01

Your Accommodations Do The Travelling For You!

I’m completely fed up with hotels that stay in once place, man. Had it up to here. Haven’t you? They way...
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27 sec read

Virgin Galactic Pushes Closer To Space Tourism

Virgin Galactic, the space tourism branch of Richard Branson’s Virgin conglomerate, took us one step closer to getting regular people into...
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World of Light Travel Concept: So Slick It Makes Star Trek Look Backwards gotta’ hand it to the Swedish team behind this World of Light concept video. While other people think about cool...
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