Texting and Driving

Five seconds

Five seconds isn’t a lot of time in the grand scheme of things. We microwave our leftovers for longer than five...
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Texting-While-Walking: A growing epidemic

Do you often feel the sudden urge to text someone?  Do you use texting as your means of communication as opposed...
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7,000,000,000,000+ SMS Messages To Be Sent In 2011

As we all know, talking on the phone has sort of become a thing of the past. No longer do people...
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ATT Pushes “Don’t Text While Driving” Campaign To A New Level

“I sent one stupid, meaningless text – ‘LOL’ – and killed a man.” When AT&T launched their campaign against texting while...
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texting while driving

U.S. Government Considers Killing Cell Phones While Driving

Stupidity aside, the U.S. government has long been looking for ways to reduce the amount of accidents on the road. The...
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Texting On The Rise In North America

The trend towards cell phones as general communications devices continues, as a report from the Nielsen Company (yeah, that Nielsen Company)...
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And The Whole World Goes Geek: 10% of People Under 25 Say Yes to Texts During Sex

The headline pretty much says it all. Keep reading anyway. It’s true: in a recent study by self-proclaimed ultimate electronics marketplace...
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