Television program


Developers: time to channel MacGyver

You know “MacGyver,” the TV show from the late ‘80s? Of course you do! Angus MacGyver (yes, his first name was...
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2 min read
Captain Kirk Phone

Sci-Fi tech that turned out to be pretty accurate

One of the most appealing aspects of science fiction is that it allows us to take a peek into the future...
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33 sec read

Could “Seinfeld” live in today’s digital world?

One of the most popular TV shows of the 90s was the hilariously eccentric “Seinfeld.” The characters always seemed to get...
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2 min read
Netflix Family

Netflix gets social thanks to email spying bill

Netflix has wanted to go social for a long time. They have been held back by an antiquated law that was...
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43 sec read
American Idol

5 things American Idol can teach businesses about social media

There are a lot of ways that Hollywood has changed the way we use the internet. On one side, the internet...
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2 min read
Greenscreen Filming

Background video technology brings the world to Hollywood

We’ve all seen the shots in sci-fi movies where the background was obviously manufactured. Background fill video technology is nothing new...
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43 sec read
Battlestar Galactica Blood and Chrome

SyFy needs to make a BSG Blood and Chrome series

Greatness in television science fiction does not have a very strong track record. Star Trek didn’t last very long before getting...
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1 min read

Social media: How politicians will win the future over

For decades politicians have fought to gain a foothold in the crucial 18-24 demographic. No longer is this just a matter...
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1 min read