Steam Controller

#Video: Steam controller demonstration makes other controllers look old

When Nintendo came out with the Wii controller and remote, it was a dramatic change from the way that gamers had...
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The Steam Store: How Valve’s ingenious digital store has taken over gaming

If you ask a non-gamer about steam, they’ll describe boiling water or the stuff that comes out of an iron. If...
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Five Ways to Fix Games For Windows Live

For some time now, serious digital gaming on the PC has been dominated by one brand alone: Steam. And so it...
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NASA ‘Moonbase Alpha’ Game Hits Valve Steam Today Remember growing up when people used to want to be astronauts? Well tomorrow’s people walk this planet today, and while...
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Will Steam Power Make the Mac a Gamer-Friendly Option?

Valve is bringing its popular Steam platform to the Mac. If you’re not familiar with Steam, it’s the super popular digital...
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