Sergey Brin

Google Glass Spying

Will Google Glass empower creeps and perverts?

Cell phones. GoPro. Spy cams. There are already a ton of different ways for creeps and perverts to take pictures and...
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1 min read

Google Glass specs prevent Sergey Brin from blending in on NYC subway

Try as he may, Google’s co-founder has a difficult time trying to blend in with other folks who ride on New...
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Are Larry Page and Sergey Brin being hypocritical by not using Google+?

The Google co-founders have been saying since before Larry Page took over as CEO last year that social was their #1...
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1 min read

Larry Page: PhD, innovator, visionary

Few businessmen are pushing the boundaries of technology further than that of Google co-founder and CEO Larry Page. Where Steve Jobs...
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