No External Hard Drive for PS4

#Video: No external hard drive for PS4

Sony will not allow PlayStation 4 owners to add an external hard drive for extra storage of games. They will, however,...
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Xbox One vs PS4 Infographics

#Infographic: Yes, there’s already a PS4 vs Xbox One graphic

The battle has been going on for months and we’re already growing sick of it. The upcoming releases of the Xbox...
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Steam Controller

#Video: Steam controller demonstration makes other controllers look old

When Nintendo came out with the Wii controller and remote, it was a dramatic change from the way that gamers had...
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PlayStation 4: Is 12G Truly Necessary?

Technological advances in gaming show no signs of stopping. With that said, I understand the need for such things as RAM...
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Playstation 4 Controller

Perspiration: could sony Build on it?

Playstation 4 lead architect Mark Cerny sat down with and he talked about a concept that struck my interest. As...
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OUYA Console

OUYA video game console becomes the latest crowdfunding success

The modern day console wars that have raged on for many years seem to have always been dominated by Nintendo, Microsoft,...
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Call of Duty Ghost

Call of Duty franchise: should they stop while they’re ahead?

Call of Duty has become one of the most popular franchises in the history of video games. The series has undergone...
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Xbox One

Xbox One: Can it truly stake first place?

From a social media marketing standpoint, a multimedia video game platform sounds like a dream. The idea seems novel an appealing:...
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In case you missed it, the new Xbox will be revealed May 21

The vast majority of Microsoft Xbox users have known that May 21st was likely the date that the next generation of...
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Playstation Transformers Easter Egg

Playstation leaves a nifty Easter egg in their Transformers promo email

The email that Sony sent to its Playstation subscribers marketing the Transformers: Fall of Cybertron had a neat little Easter egg...
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Reactive Grip

Feel your virtual scimitar twist in your hands with Reactive Grip controller

A company called Tactical Haptics demonstrated their new device at GDC 2013 last month. The company was founded by Professor William...
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Wii U Kids

Nintendo needs a complete strategy shift or they’ll die by 2015

Nintendo ushered in the era of modern console gaming with its first and second generation systems. Their history since then has...
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Playstation 4

Is the PlayStation 4 coming February 20th?

Sony started teasing a big event that they’ll be hosting on February 20th. Much of the blogosphere is buzzing that it...
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Kinect to a full version of Internet Explorer with the Xbox 360

It could be a play to increase the number of Internet Explorer users. It could be a differentiator between them and...
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Live action Kitana trailer for Mortal Kombat hopes to boost the Playstation Vita

As Sony continues to get pounced on by gaming aficionados over the poor roll out through improper marketing and bad initial...
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Chimp Playing Playstation

Chimp plays first person shooter (and blows stuff up very well)

It’s not a cute little chimp pushing buttons randomly. As you’ll see in the video, this guy plays Far Cry 2...
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ps vita 5180772

Can Nintendo and Sony can save mobile gaming?

Only a short while after its release, the Nintendo 3DS, the successor to the most popular handheld of all time, sold...
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Sony Playstation Network Hack

Anonymous: “Sony, I am disappoint”

For the last two weeks, one of the largest security breaches in online network history has been grinding along. As of...
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