10 awesome photographs of abandoned automobiles

We love cars. Cars have made our lives simpler and easier to manage. We can go longer distances, run errands faster,...
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Different shades of grey… or not

Optical illusions are often fanciful diversions that keep us keen to the fact that our own minds can not only be...
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This cake is not a lie

We normally don’t look at cooking as a way to generate tech discussions or exemplify geek awesomeness, but this sort of...
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90s kids in 45 years

If you ask older people today, many would use phrases of disappointment akin to “weeping for the future” or “I don’t...
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Star Wars Cast

Geek Porn: The Star Wars Cast

Few things are more epic than this. You know the unmasked people, but can you guess which ones are Darth Vader,...
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