Google Author Rank Infographic

#Infographic: The ins and outs of Google authorship

Google isn’t just interested in content. They want to know who’s writing it and how they fit in within a given...
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51 sec read
Brand Power

How branding posts set up power posts on Facebook

There are several different ways that businesses go about using Facebook for marketing. Some use it for branding only. Others use...
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1 min read
Bad Website Design

10 small business web design mistakes to avoid

  Small businesses need websites. But not just any old website will work. Try to avoid these 10 Web design mistakes...
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3 min read
Chevy SS Website SEO Content

In search, having the right website is more important than (almost) ever

Back in the days when Yahoo was fighting against Alta Vista, when Bing was still called Microsoft Live, and when Google...
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2 min read

AuthorRank: Google’s rising algorithm masterplay is yours for the taking

Google Authorship has been around for a while. It has helped many bloggers and journalists stand out by having their images...
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