Piracy cut in half in France, yet music and movie revenues fell

France made waves in the P2P industry by implementing a controversial graduated response program in 2010 that was designed to reduce...
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BitTorrent’s Wave Becomes a Tsunami with 100 Million Active Users

Dependent entirely on how you feel about piracy, it will either tickle you previously undefined shades of pink or break your...
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UK ISPs Profit From Invading Customer Privacy

ISPs in the United Kingdom are making money from the process of anti-piracy groups taking legal action against copyright infringing customers....
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This Time, The Porn Watches You

Porn is really easy to get, isn’t it? Porn has always been the internet’s biggest business, but most of us would-be...
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Pirate Bay Sunk At Last After Europe-Wide Raids?

The Pirate Bay is down this morning after reports of raids across Europe. According to thinq.co.uk, police in up to 14...
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Doh! Anti-PSP Law Firm’s Website Is A Rip Off

Nobody likes the companies the RIAA and MPAA are using to chase Peer-To-Peer file sharers, but I was particularly tickled to...
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Sorry RIAA, MPAA: The Pirate’s Boat Will Stay Afloat

The entertainment industry has embarked in an all-out war against piracy around the globe, with the hopes of scaring would-be pirates...
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3 min read

Spanish Government Officials Stealing Content On A Regular Basis

The Spanish government is quite unique as far as copyright laws are considered: it is completely legal to upload and download...
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