operating system

HP Compaq Presario

How to buy technology accessories

Technology has offered large number of business experts the skill to finish the work quickly and with the higher amount of...
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1 min read
Chromebook Pixel Keyboard

The lack of a delete key makes the Chromebook a disappointment

For all of their technological genius and massive resources, Google sure doesn’t know how to make hardware. It’s a problem that...
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1 min read
iOS 7

It wouldn’t be an Apple launch without unsubstantiated rumors and concept videos

iOS 7 is rumored to be doing many things. First, it’s rumored to be launched in June. It’s rumored to be...
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36 sec read
Android vs iOS

Who’s really winning between iOS and Android?

This is one of the silliest questions that constantly gets asked on tech blogs and is often answered by infographics. The...
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26 sec read

A look at some of the slowly declining mobile operating systems today

Many of the newer lot of techies may not know this, but before the popularity of Android and iOS (and now...
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2 min read

How Microsoft’s operating system has evolved over time

Have you ever wondered about the history of computers? ENIAC (Electrical Numerical Integrator and Calculator) might’ve been the first computer, but...
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5 min read

Windows 8 #firstworldproblems: It boots “too quickly”

Under 7 seconds. That’s how long an SSD-equipped Windows 8 PC takes to boot. It’s something that is unheard of in...
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25 sec read
Break Up

It’s Time to Break Up With Your OS

In the world of cloud computing where Google is pushing Chrome OS as a browser and operating system (OS) to manage...
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3 min read