Gaming with granny

With Zynga targeting senior citizens with their simple and user-friendly games, it’s no wonder why the number of gaming seniors is...
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How images affect eCommerce

Imagine walking into a store where it was difficult to see the products. Your eyes begin to strain from squinting and...
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Online Girl

What people are doing online right now

The internet takes up a huge part of our daily lives. Many of us have integrated real-world activities into our online...
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Tech Mom

Moms are mobile, web-savvy, and spending money

It’s no secret that many American family purchases are made or influenced by women. The 80/20 rule, which says that women...
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18 sec read

Why The Bad Guys Win In Social Media

If you were to go by Hollywood’s logic, it is not uncommon to see the bad boy getting the girls, the...
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JMowery Mosiac

Erasing A “Friend”: An Examination of “Friends” On the Internet

I remove people from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks on a daily basis — not by choice, but because there...
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sports stadium

Beating the Game — Ditching Pay TV

If you enjoy adrenaline-filled racing, bone-crushing tackles, mind-blowing saves, and earth-shattering home runs, chances are pretty good that you have a...
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3 min read

5 Ways Twitter Can Crush The Facebook Empire

Could we witness a retelling of David versus Goliath with an epic battle between the two largest social networking networking competitors?...
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2 min read
money burned

Emptying Your Wallets: This Free Ride We Enjoy Might End Early

As the Internet becomes more prominent in people’s lives, they are expecting more things for free, and companies are seemingly happy...
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4 min read
Screen shot 2010 04 19 at 4.20

New Online Game Gives Players a Chance to Be Filmmakers

Has it been your dream to make it in the movie industry? Well, recently has released a beta program in...
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