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And The Internet Prevails! Cook’s Source is Shut Down

Many of you in the know have seen these pumpkins before. Those of you know what these pumpkins mean. They symbolize...
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1 min read

Another Apple Prototype Leaked: the iBox!!

Illustrator James Gurney has found a prototype of Apple’s next big release: the iBox. This is big, guys. I can’t say...
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copyright infringement

The Internet To The Rescue! Asinine Magazine Steals Article, Suggests Author Thank Them, Gets Pwnd On Facebook

What could have been a simple copyright infringement has become a full-blown circus after the internet got a hold of the...
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2 min read

Man Sues Facebook for 84% Ownership, Honestly Believes He Can Win

Hey Zuckerberg, you’d better make way for Paul Ceglia. Who the hell is Paul Ceglia? Why, web designer / wood pellet...
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