Everyone at CNET who has a spine should resign within a week

Censorship is arguably the most irreversible path a publication can travel. We are a semi-forgiving society that understands journalists will get...
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2 min read

Whoever registered iFone in Mexico needs a big raise

The iPhone has been a staple of mobile communications around the world for half a decade. Unfortunately for Apple, it was...
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44 sec read

Clash of the titans: Google and Apple CEOs talking behind the scenes ahead of public battle

If you thought the battle between Apple and Samsung was big, you may be in for a mobile device war between...
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1 min read

Netflix woes continue, this time from angry investors with a class-action suit

The terrible summer and fall that Netflix had in 2011 seemed to have turned as poor decisions were reversed, new deals...
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Facebook Lays Claim to ‘Book’ – and They’ll Sue You To Keep It That Way

“We’ve been sitting here scratching our heads for the last couple of days,” says Greg Schrader, managing director of Greg’s...
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1 min read

Man Sues Facebook for 84% Ownership, Honestly Believes He Can Win

Hey Zuckerberg, you’d better make way for Paul Ceglia. Who the hell is Paul Ceglia? Why, web designer / wood pellet...
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