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The art of getting retweets (with addendums)

There really is more art than science when it comes to getting retweeted on Twitter. For individual influencers and organizations with...
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Bieber reaches 40 million Twitter followers… kind of

In recent years, social media has become the fuel to boost celebrity popularity. Whether it’s Amanda Bynes tweeting about whom she’s...
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Tomorrow's Buyers

Playing to tomorrow’s customers on social media helps decision makers today

A father and son walked onto a car lot and started looking around. As the salesperson approached, the son, 14- or...
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YouTube’s 8-year anniversary: the evolution into a major media giant

Since 2005, YouTube has transformed itself from a small website where the average person could share home videos to the MTV...
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Local Bands

Five social media don’ts for aspiring musicians

Going viral today matters as much as having a hit record. But you don’t want to do it in the wrong...
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3 things businesses need to know about their Twitter strategy

Twitter is still the most used social network by businesses. This surprises some, but the latest statistics showed that 77% of...
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Alyssa Milano

Posting only links on Twitter means posting nothing at all

Anyone who has been on Twitter as long as I have (6 years I believe) knows that the site has gone...
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Bieber will overtake Gaga on Twitter. This is actually a little important.

It doesn’t matter whether you like Justin Bieber or Lady Gaga. The fact that the #1 and #2 most followed accounts...
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Will Gangnam Style hit one billion views?

Social media is growing so quickly. It seems like yesterday that Ashton Kutcher was trying to get to 1 million Twitter...
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Psy teaches the “Gangnam Style” on Ellen

The dance world is a blazed with this latest dance craze known as the Gangnam Style with yet another YouTuber taking...
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Does Klout really measure clout?

For those of you that don’t know, Klout is a way of measuring digital influence through social networking platforms. I’ll admit...
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Twitter’s most asked celebrity: Justin Bieber

If you use Twitter regularly, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen something about Justin Bieber in your Twitter stream. Even...
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Scary Thought of the Day: Justin Bieber Accounts For 3% of Twitter

I wish it wasn’t true. Hell, you wish it wasn’t true, too. But alas – according to website designer Dustin Curtis,...
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Justin Bieber and the Accidental Ambient Music Genius

It is a dark day when I can wholeheartedly admit that a Justin Bieber song is tickling my fancy in any...
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YouTube Hacked, Bieber Targeted

This morning it appears as though YouTube has been the subject of a malicious attack, with HTML in comments being used...
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The Rise of the Bieber: How Pop Stars Become Famous Using the Web

Justin Bieber. His name alone has become synonymous with levels of rage and annoyance previously unheard of amongst internet users worldwide. For...
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bing twitter results

Real-Time is Big: Bing Integrate Twitter Results

You can now add one more to the list of reasons that Bing doesn’t suck: Microsoft is now integrating up-to-the-minute search...
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