Hold on Facebook purchase of Instagram will benefit Twitter, Google

Don’t be fooled by reports that Google and Twitter have become “ensnared” in the Federal Trade Commission‘s investigation of Facebook’s $1...
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Why was Facebook and Instagram an ideal match, rather than Twitter or Google+?

The internet world is still talking about Facebook’s $1 billion purchase of photo sharing service Instagram, which marked the biggest acquisition...
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1 min read

Why startups should look more like Instagram and less like Tabasco

Hope can be a great thing. False hope can destroy lives. Such is the case with what an esteemed colleague wrote...
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Instagram: The timeline of a rock star product

As startup success stories go, few can compare to Instagram. When they were purchased by Facebook earlier this week, there weren’t...
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Instagram’s 17 month journey from nil to bill(ion)

There are already questions surrounding Facebook’s purchase of Instagram for $1 billion yesterday. Was it a talent purchase (of 13 employees)?...
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Silicon success hits Instagram as Facebook shells out $1 billion to buy it

It’s a sign of the times. Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook has purchased photo app Instagram for $1 billion. The 13-person...
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Instagram: Four Lessons For a Wildly Successful App

With Apple’s App Store and the Android Market now literally filled with hundreds of thousands of apps, it’s getting increasingly hard...
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