Google hacks to streamline searches

As Google continues to dominate search, they bring about new ways to make searching easier. The problem is that most people...
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Hanging Chad

Voting machines shown to be hackable remotely

We have the technology. The hanging-chad debacle of the 2000 presidential election proved that we had the need. Now, as more...
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Microsoft Pretends They Were Down With Kinect Hacking All Along

Surely you’ve seen your share of Kinect hacks in the last little while – hell, even last week I posted a...
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Hacked Kinect Art Program Totally Rules Despite Current Uselessness

http://vimeo.com/16818988 Because you’re awesome, have this quick video of Mehmet Akten playing with his prototype for a 3D art program for...
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LeapFrog Didj: When The Hackers Take Over

What do you get when you have a cheap but powerful device that was created to do simple tasks and a...
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