Google Glass

Unexpected ways Google Glass can enhance your life

No piece of new technology this year has attracted as much interest, controversy, parody, and speculation as Google Glass. Wearable technology...
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3 min read
Google Glass Teardown

This is what Google Glass looks like when you take it apart

It’s not that it’s disappointing or anything. In many ways, it’s anticlimactic to see what the little device that’s causing all...
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31 sec read
How Google Glass Works

How Google Glass works

Google Glass is the new head-mounted computer being released by Google later this year. The device uses a clever prism design...
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1 min read
Google Glass Girl

7 reasons why Google Glass will fail

New gadgets. We love them. They bring excitement donin the days leading up to their launch and they give us reasons...
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3 min read

MIT develops “superhydrophobic” glass that repels fog, water, glare, and zombies

Leave it to the brains at MIT to improve something that most of us take for granted: glass. Their “Fog-free glass”...
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